Invicta Motorcycle Training Post Test Training Courses

You have passed your motorcycle test, so what's next?

Maybe you have been riding years but never considered any further training. You might have had a break from riding or you had an incident which dented your confidence.

Perhaps you have started riding a motorcycle which is larger and more powerful than you are used to and you are not quite getting to grips with it.

At Invicta Motorcycle Training we offer a range of post test training to suit your needs. Most importantly, your training will be enjoyalbe and fun as well as educational. It will not be pressurised and there are no tests, although you may wish to use your new found skills to go on and take tests later on.

Our coures fees include all tutuion, insurance cover and use of Helmets, Jackets & Gloves if needed. All courses are flexible in their length and we can offer shorter training sessions if you prefer.   Contact Us to discuss your needs.

It is well worth investing in your skills for life.

Advanced Training

Our advanced training courses have "Roadcraft" at their heart. Roadcraft is the police riders manual and is generally accepted as the basis for all advanced motorcycling standards in the UK.

This course introduces "The System" of motorcycle control and will enhance your observation, hazard awareness, planning and machine handling skills.

" Quiet efficency is the hallmark of the expert.
Although alert they give the impression of being completely relaxed.
They ride in a calm, controled style without fuss or flourish,
progressing smoothly and unobtrusively."

You will ride on a wide variety of interesting and challenging Kent roads. The course will include theory and practical input in various subjects including, bends, overtaking, filtering and road positioning.

If you would like your riding to be safer, smoother and more progressive, then this is for you.

Back to Biking

If you have been away from bikes for a while and would like specific advice relating to a particular area of your riding or would like help in riding a more powerful machine, come talk with us. We will get you where you want to be.

£150 per day with your own bike. Further days £130 per day.

Shorter sessions are available at £30 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Bike hire £20 per day.

A Deposit is required please read our Terms and Conditions and Contact Us

The Enhanced Rider Scheme.   

This is a joint Driving Standards Agency and Motorcycle Industry Association scheme. It builds and develops your knowledge from test standard. Completion of this course gives you a certificate and is recognised by many insurance companies and may give you a discount on your premium. Enhanced Rider PDF

£30 per hour with your own bike. (Minimum 2 hours).

A Deposit is required please read our Terms and Conditions and Contact Us