C.B.T   (Compulsory Basic Training)

The Highway Code.
The Official DSA Guide to Compulsory Basic Training.

A1 & A2 Restricted Licence / D.A.S. Unrestricted licence

The Highway Code.
The DSA Motorcycle Manual.


(a) Acceptance for training and testing is subject to the Terms and Conditions herein and in any publicity material or correspondence as issued by Invicta Motorcycle Training.

(b) Payment for the prescribed course and/or test fee in part (as a deposit) and in full at the time and place directed.

(c) That there be produced a valid signed Driving Licence.

(d) That there be produced a valid Theory Test Certificate where appropriate.

If the motorcycle to be used is the pupils's own, it must comply with all legal requirements in existence at the time of training /or testing and that there be produced a valid vehicle excise licence, insurance certificate and MOT if required.

Full disclosure must be made by the pupil of any drug or medication (by prescription or otherwise) being taken that could impair there ability before each training/testing session.

Training and Testing (as arranged with and conducted by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to be at the time, date and place specified and agreed.

In the event of cancellation the deposit paid for CBT is non-refundable, In the case of all other courses the deposit will be £150 non-refundable, if 7 or more days notice is given course dates can be moved, Non attendance at the agreed time, date and place will be deemed a cancellation.

Invicta Motorcycle Training reserves the right to cancel, amend or re-arrange the date, time and place of appointments (giving reasonable notice where possible) and without reasonable delay.

Invicta Motorcycle Training reserves the right to determine the riding standards in all aspects as criteria for submitting candidates for testing. Such criteria to be in accordance with regulations and guidelines issued by the DSA.

Invicta Motorcycle Training reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, but a copy of the current Terms and Conditions will be provided if requested prior to a booking arrangement being made.

All arrangements with the DSA are subject to the terms and conditions of that body over which Invicta Motorcycle Training have no control.

By making a booking with Invicta Motorcycle Training you are indicating that you have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

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