Course Joining Information

Thank you for joining us for your motorcycle training. To help you, here is some information to get the best from your course.

  1. Please do not attend training if you feel unwell, you are displaying any viral symptoms, or have been in contact with anybody who has been unwell or displayed any viral symptoms in the last 7 days. If you start to feel unwell during training, please declare this immediately, leave training, and follow current Government / NHS guidance.
  1. Please bring your driving licence and driving licence check code. A check code can be obtained HERE . If you are unable to obtain a check code, please bring your National Insurance Number as well as your driving licence. If you are test training please bring your theory test certificate and Module 1 certificate if already passed. We regret that on road training and testing cannot go ahead without the appropriate documents.
  1. Where possible, please bring your own motorcycle equipment. It needs to fit properly and be in good condition. Helmets should be less than approximately 6 years old, UK legal, and not have been dropped or damaged. They should fit correctly. Please ensure that non legal tinted visors are not worn. Clothing should be suitable for motorcycling. Shorts, trousers with rips showing skin, soft shoes or sandals, non motorcycle gloves are not appropriate. If you do not have any motorcycle equipment, we can lend you a jacket, helmet and gloves. Please wear strong trousers and footwear.
  1. If possible, please bring your own earphones. They should have a round 3.5mm plug. The type used for most mobile phones (not the flat plugs) will usually be appropriate. Please check that they fit under your helmet and do not fall out of your ears when you turn your head. Earphones can be provided on the day if necessary. An instructor will provide headphones if you do not have any, or if the ones you have are not suitable.
  1. Please bring any food or drink that you may need for the duration of your training. Water as a minimum as staying hydrated is especially important.
  1. Please feel free to bring a mask / face covering. Motorcyclists often have neck tubes / scarves anyway, these are ideal.
  1. Training will be conducted outside where possible; 1 meter plus distancing should be observed and a slight offset when talking to others should be favoured over direct face to face speaking.
  1. Students should not swap any equipment with other students, not cough into any item of clothing and should avoid wiping the inside of the helmet visor of loaned helmets.
  1. Please wash / disinfect your hands upon arrival, and at regular intervals when appropriate.
  1. Where possible, please do not leave personal items in the classroom, but in your private vehicle.
  2. Please read and make use of the information and links on our website RESOURCES page.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that you enjoy your training.